Friday, August 16, 2013


post, damn you! post!
just post something!!

it is a long time later, since; and now i find i am still waiting, waiting-for-what, always waiting,
so-long-waiting that suddenly i have decided, i am resting in the wait,
which sort of rather makes me wait-less?

and waitless as i am, i rest, knowing not a thing
(not quite lupus, but very lupus-y, and wondering why we don't just call it that, why don't we)
still longing for an answer, but not expecting the immediacy i had held fast to.

in the meantime?
i've been digging through old photos, sorting through and editing and polishing-up as much as one can with these antiquities from the 1990's,
creating a wee gallery, the
laughing pebble studio.

i am gathering courage to make like my patron saint
and just Frieda again, already!

waiting. waiting. for what?

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the wild magnolia said...

i cannot know how this would be